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Japan-Related Information Providing Service

Japanese Company Information

Listed Companies in Japan

  • Translation of an annual report into English

  • Investigation into official announcement reports and issuance of prompt reports of them in English

  • Delivery of latest information of certain companies in English

Unlisted Companies in Japan

  • Interview with certain companies in Japan and issuance of a report of that companies in English regarding financial position and management plan of them

Local Laws and Regulations in Japan

Issuance of a just-in-time report in English regarding your specified business field in Japan

Issuance of a report of laws and regulations in Japan regarding your field of business

Marketing Research Support in Japan

Gathering and reporting information of certain products, services or keywords in Japan

※Searching certain matters regarding Japanese business on Japanese site and reporting of them in English

Selecting an appropriate marketing company in Japan and act as an intermediate between your company and a marketing company

※this service will provide your company with information regarding Japanese business on Japanese site which is difficult for non-Japanese companies to get and understand because there is a language barrier between Japanese and other languages even it seems that Japanese site has more information than other non-Japanese site. We will search any business -related matters in Japan in behalf of your company.

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