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We Connect Your Company to Japan.

The worldwide network which used to exist only between big enterprises is no longer limited to them. The Internet makes the world more familiar to all of us.

However, there are networks that cannot be achieved only by the Internet even now. There do exist language difficulties between countries even on the Internet, especially between English and Japanese. It is impossible to do business with Japanese enterprises without some human networks in Japan.

We, Notoya Accounting Firm, have 150 client companies in Japan and provide your company with the human network that makes it easier for your company to do business with or in Japan. We offer the services including;
―providing with the information of accounting and tax matters, business trends, and transaction practices in Japan
―doing marketing research in Japan
―investigating and reviewing contracts of your client companies in Japan
―supporting companies that are thinking of establishing corporations in Japan

"It is not such a big matter which we should ask for a big investigation company, but…"

  • our business is related to Japanese market, so we want to have more information about business in Japan

  • we want to have some networks in Japan to watch the trend of the world business

  • we want to ask someone to manage our corporation in Japan

We welcome you to become a member in our group!
Notoya Accounting Firm & Mother's Bridge Inc., are a fresh and unique consulting firm in Japan offering the following services;
―audit, accounting and tax matters
―outsourcing of accounting, financing and human resources services
―human resources consulting
―marketing research

As your local agency, we will support your business in Japan

Notoya & Co
Aoyama Nozue Building
2-11-10 kitaaoyama
Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0061
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Tel: +81-3-5771-5670
The Overseas Planning Division

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